Thursday, 24 May 2007

A meeting in SL

Updates to SL: 1 (worrying); Conversations: 2 (good)

Obliged to download new version of SL interface (v. 1.16.0) Appear to have new version about once every couple of weeks, which won't suit university computing people I fear. New version has many exciting improvement e.g
- Improved muting of particle systems
- No-copy objects that fail to rez now reappear in inventory
- Sculpted Prims
Sculpted prims sound v. alarming. Obviously still have v. large amount to learn about SL. However feel superior as spot typo in information panel, vis
- "Fixed sitting avatar standing up when close are dragged onto the avatar"
think "close" should read "clothes". Does not compensate for vast sea of ignorance revealed, though.

Go in world to discover AF and MB (my Friends) are both online. Have felt bit guilty that after anxiety about AF friendship offer made no attempt to contact AF once Friendship Accepted. Can remedy this now!

[15 minutes later] Exciting times. AF whizzed over to Secret Cave on Eduserv Island and had conversation (see pic). AF agreed can probably launch new RL Research centre on Island, v. cool. Reminded me about educators' conference in/on SL tomorrow which alas will miss as on RL holiday. Also complimented on new kimono, as did RL friend via RL blog (this gets complicated) Bonus was that while waiting for AF to fly over did quick IM session with MB. Was able to tell him that RL friend (now HD in SL) had admired Bedfordia.

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