Tuesday, 15 May 2007

A new day a new blog

Boxes messed with: 8. Boxes opened successfully: none. (bad) Forced exits: 2. (bad) Hours spent in SL: 2 and a half (v.bad). Conversations: 1 (good).

Have decided to justify time spent in Second life by wasting more time on useless blog. Yesterday was fourth time in SL. Have not yet Edited Appearance as graphics card still not up to task, and blue screen of death results from any attempts.

Thus am still bog standard Harajku Female, except managed to create and wear white skirt and also removed bunny hat, but then decided I rather liked it and put it back on. Disturbing thing is that I have grown rather fond of appearance and now am taking photos obsessively from different angle. Bit weird that can take photo looking up own skirt.

Yesterday spent flying round playing with objects that don't know what to do with. Voted for Collections (?) in a library school quiz, then tried to open various boxes unsuccessfully but what was in them looked v.v. dull so don't know why bothered.

Most interesting point was encounter with avatar AF on Eduserv Island, where AF threw some boxes at me and I got trapped in mouseover view, unable to do anything but bounce around at whim of mouse & type in dialogue. Ended with AF offering friendship but unable to respond because of said mouse problem. Etiquette question: is it OK to offer HIM friendship once I get back into SL or would that be seen as unduly calculated. Hmmmm.
PICTURE: sunset on Eduserv Island.

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