Monday, 21 May 2007

A backward step

Groups disbanded in SL: 1 (bad); Groups created in SL: 1 (sigh); Friends attempting to create SL character: 1; Friends successful in creating SL character: 0 (bad)

Minor crisis. After rereading end of last post where was comparing lively SL to dull RL, decided needed a bit of rest from SL for sake of RL sanity. However yesterday received RL email to say that SL group "Information Literacy" would be disbanded for lack of 2nd group member if did not rectify situation by today.

Panic! Had not realised needed more than one member to make Group, though now seems trifle obvious (No Man Is An Island etc.) Tried to reruit RL infolit friend as new SL avatar today, but plan thwarted as "Due to Technical Reasons SL Registration is Currently Offline." Frustration! Presume picture of monkeys swinging clubs with tagline "Registration is down while we bang on things" supposed to make avatar-wanabees smile indulgently, but frankly does not wash with me since in meantime "Information Literacy" group automatically disbanded by SL.

Enter SL, try to create "Information Literacy" group anew. Told cannot do this as there is already group of that name. NO THERE ISN'T YOU DISBANDED IT. Double check group lists etc. etc. but, no, "Information Literacy" not there. Thus have to recreate group under subtly different name "Information Literacy Group". If anyone wants to join this will be v. grateful, otherwise hope to get RL friend an avatar before time is up again.

On positive note have RL friend sit by me as Sheila Yoshikawa (me) did a quick tour of favourite places (Bedfordia, waterslide, I do like that, and disco, see pic.s) and unfavourite (Uni of Herfordshire - still spooooky) to show what it is like.

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Minnowonsay said...

Hmm, your adventures are actually quite exciting, aren't they, Sheila?
I would like to try out that waterslide- perhaps you will give me the notecard address some time.

The blog of Sheila Yoshikawa on her adventures in Second Life. This may be very thrilling. Or possibly not.