Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Hello World

Sims based on popular anime series: 1 (good); Minutes spent trapped underground: 10 (bad); Minutes spent pointlessly teleporting between tp points in order to see blue circles go whoosh: 15 (bad)

Through Gogolita blog discovered that is now a sim which recreates part of The World. This was an online gaming universe in an anime and game series called .hack/sign. Is thus quite convoluted since is recreation of a virtual world, inside a virtual world.

Nicely detailed architecture, except flying turned off (at least for people not in The Game) and when accidently fell into harbour, found self wandering round and round underneath city in the sea until thought of teleporting back home. It is particularly taking how they have recreated the blue circle things that pulsated around you when you teleported.

You can do role play too but must draw line somewhere, i.e. Babylon 5 role playing would be OK, but .hack/sign is a role play too far.

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