Sunday, 1 June 2008


No. of sad databases: 1 (bad); No. of sad SL users as result : approx 56,000 (v.bad)

Lotte Linden just posted message to SL official blog saying "Our central database is sad, which leads to disruptions in several inworld services, such as teleports, search and profiles not working, and transactions failing.Please do not attempt any transactions with non-copy items at this time."

Could it be that databases can acquire Seasonal Affective Disorder? If possible, still seems unlikely explanation since must be quite sunny on West Coast of USA at present where computer is. Has database suffered bereavement? Perhaps mourning loss of motherboard or fan? Or is it technical term that someone with sense of humour has contorted into acronym "sad"?

At any rate is good insofar as deters self from wandering into SL instead of doing various work things which are outstanding. Here is picture of me dancing in SL which was supposed to be cheerful, but looking again I'm not so sure.

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