Sunday, 18 May 2008

Missed and attended

No. of education events missed due to foolish mistake re time: 1 (bad); No of castle warming parties attended: 1 (good); No of 20s parties attended: 1 (good)
Yesterday was due to be busy day in SL since had planned to a) attend castle warming party at noon SL time and b) attend interesting education session on team working at 1.30 SL time. However, when entered SL around noon (ie 8pm in RL here) realised awful truth namely that was too late for education session by 12 hours as it started at 01.30 (9.30 am RL time). Oops. Should really have realised as person facilitating it lives in Hong Kong in RL. V. foolish and will have to apologise since was limited attendance event and might have been waiting list.

Somewhat chastened changed into party gear. Invitation was really to Ishbel as is her neighbour with castle, but she had been told could bring friends so she asked me and Pancha. In fact am almost neighbour as is just in nextdoor sim to my home. Dress code was "historical" so had rooted through huge inventory and found Barerose "First Princess" outfit with natty crown, and paired this with poofy skirt and boots. Not sure was strictly historical, but in fact when teleported in turned out that most women were wearing vaguely low cut gowns so fitted in. Hosts are writing historical novel set in French chateau on which castle is based. Ishbel kept crashing out so withdrew early.
When got home again took some pictures of self lounging around in princess outfit, then followed up general invite to 1920s party celebrating - something or other to do with the 1920s I presume. Found a 1920s dress in inventory too. Have decided that will view this as validation of shopping policy (i.e. ready for any situation) rather than signal to stop buying NOW.

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Lem Skall said...

Hi again, Sheila! I thought your name looked familiar at the party but couldn't place it at the time :-)

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