Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Using SL with first years

Discussions held: 2 (good)
There is a transcript of the session on Using SL in a first year undergraduate module held on 15 May 2008 on Infolit iSchool in Second Life (the virtual world) online at http://sleeds.org/chatlog/?c=291
In this session Maggie, Ishbel and I talked about the class aims, the nature of the intervention etc. and our thoughts about its impact. Good lot of discussion. You can see were a good number of people there, in fact were even a few not in that pic e.g. Pancha, who was wearing a cool alien costume just out of shot. Am writing up a case study about it, and will do a post here when is online.

Today discussion was more informal but still a few people turned up. Had a chat about some of the usual things e.g. learners' attitudes to SL. Ab Marvin came along for the first time in a while. He and Ishbel were 2 people at very first Info Literacy group meeting. Turns out has been teaching in SL too at Abo Akademi. Interesting. After some chat toured the island including where have put up posters presented by Information Management students. have blogged that elsewhere.

By the end of tour was just Robin, Cas and me, but we celebrated with ice creams at the Shore Thing.

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