Sunday, 18 May 2008

Where is the minaret?

Parts of building disappearing: 1 (bad); Boats appearing offshore: 1 (bad)

Checked Moorish house part of property for first time for a while and discovered that there is problem, namely, middle part of minaret appear to have gone. V. strange. Has someone hacked in and deleted it - if so - why that bit? Has earth shifted downward, leaving top part of minaret stranded? Is it simply Linden Lab glitch? Was I so tired one evening that fell into trance and went around doing random deletions? In fact is not aesthetically displeasing and leaves pleasant view in gap where middle of minaret should be but that is not the point. Wonder whether will reappear just as mysteriously.

On other hand, a boat apparently called "Demo" has appeared offshore. Is not actually in my parcel, in fact is in open sea belonging to Eric Linden, so cannot get rid of it. Quite decorative in a way, but whole point of that land is uninterrupted view of sea. Hrumph.

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