Wednesday, 28 May 2008

By bye boatie

Boats returned to whence they came: 1 (good); Office blocks erected: several (bad)

Things continue to come and go around my home. The boat I was complaining about finally drifted into my property, so I could Return it to its owner. Pics show ocean WITH the boat and ocean WITHOUT. Hurrah! Except of course once I had banished it, the shoreline looked a bit empty.

The next door but one owner has put vast screens round his/her oceanic parcel, with pics of sand, sky and palm trees. Frankly, if they took those down on my side they would be able to see REAL sea, sand and palm trees i.e. mine. Hmm. What do I mean by "real" there? (discuss)
Elsewhere, what used to be a sort of marina has developed into a series of office blocks. However, they are mostly glass, and also completely empty, so it could be worse.

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