Sunday, 18 May 2008

Student work

Haggis companions purchased: 1 (good); Free Scotland strips received: 1 (good); Races lost because SOMEONE distracted me with a notecard in middle of race: 1 (bad)

Visited work of students at University of West of Scotland on Thursday. Enjoyable. Consisted of Museum of inventors, model of Hampden but without presence of fans or indeed footballers, and wildlife park including Loch Ness monster. Was also a monorail but didn't work out how to use it. Inventors' exhibition on 2 floors v. informative with links to wiki. Green feet things indicated path round exhibition (first pic.).

Wildlife park also included notecard posts giving (as you might expect) notecards about various fauna. My urge for consumption was satisfied as could purchase Haggis companion for only a few Linden (strange badger like creature that follows you when you rez it, reminded me of days when Phil the Phoenix was my constant companion). Could also purchase rather large squirrel but did not think existing squirrels on Infolit iSchool would approve. As can see in this pic there was also Weather, as often experienced in Scotland.

The final exhibit was of Hampden, looking forward to Commonwealth Games in 2014 which (as any visitor to Glasgow cannot escape knowing) are taking place in Glasgow. Here there was a quiz about Commonwealth games, which I didn't exactly pass, but I was nevertheless kindly given a Scotland shirt.
This was possibly to compensate for the fact that I was completely rubbish at a game where you had to keep clicking a coloured dome to get your ball to zoom round faster than anyone else's. On my 2nd attempt was actually doing OK when someone else in room dropped a notecard on me thus preventing clicking for some crucial seconds and resulting in humiliating defeat. Not that I'm blaming anyone but me, of course.

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