Thursday, 8 May 2008


Presentations held: 1 (good); Peak no. in audience: 4 (OK); No. in audience at end: 1 (bad, but obviously better than zero); No. of slides in Angrybeth whiteboard: 28 (too many)

Today gave presentation on Using Variation Theory to develop a module on information literacy: abstract contained troublesome words like "phenomenography" so had not expected big turnout and was relieved that was not just me and Mitsy the cat.

Spent all day putting together ppt. This is for presentation in Sweden at SIG Phenomenography conference where will be god-fathers and -mothers of phenomenography e.g. Ference Marton. Therefore am concerned that presentation hangs together since would not like to warble on and then have Marton say that after all it is Not Variation Theory, with me then wishing to sink through floor to avoid contempt in eyes of assembled phenomenographers.

Thus had idea of doing pilot runs in SL and also (tomorrow) in RL. Am still in draft stage since although have handle on phenomenography through project we did, have not thus far grappled extensively with variation theory. When previously tried to explain what I want to do with Variation Theory in this module, people I'm talking too have glazed over and evidently lost will to live.

Anyway four people who heard bits of presentation were v. polite and person left at end was v. kind so feel was worthwhile.

This was first time have used Angrybeth whiteboard. Seemed straightforward though for some people took even longer for each slide to rez than on own challenged computer. Coincidentally immediately after presentation some other educator dropped by and recommended another presentation tool so will investigate.

Am not putting up chatlog since is basically me talking about slides, with copious spelling errors as per usual. However, am leaving presentation up on island for a bit, near Sakura House (see pics) so if anyone is interested in learning mysteries of phenomenography they can drop in.

After this decided to change display in shop. Uploaded pics of cherry blossom and dressed shop with assorted blossom related items. Discovered that vendors in shop had been incorrectly loaded so would have given people wrong pictures. Have had no complaints so perhaps no one bought any, or perhaps people were happier with surprise pics of roses rather than expected pics of daffodils. Think have got it right now. Here I am sitting outside shop. Is all rather pink but with cherry blossom theme what do you expect, eh.

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