Saturday, 3 May 2008

Happy Rez Day to Me

Years in SL: 1 (good)

Have not blogged this week as have been zipping round at conferences and doing presentations and so forth. However today is my REZ DAY so will be celebrating by blogging, consuming, taking pics and photoshopping and so forth. Had planned to have party but in end too busy, also have fear that if organise social thing will end up being me, Mitsy and Goggles. Have arranged to visit Japanese sim with Harumi later which should be fun. Also plan to attend Babylon 5 party later on.

Seems to be convention to also have at least 1 blog entry musing on what 1 year in SL means, so will have to fit that in somewhere. In the meantime here is a cute picture of me.

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Ishbel Hartmann said...

Many Happy Returns! I am sorry I wasn't inworld to wish you it in person.

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