Tuesday, 4 September 2007

More land, neighbours, money

Land bought: 1024 sq (bad, in a good way); Night clubs erected by neighbours (v. bad); Tents erected by neighbours: 1 (good); Houses bought: 3 (but they are so cheap!)

Have been trying to ration SL which of course means that as soon as get in have mad splurge. Also have had legitimate reason for being in SL, namely that had discussion in office. However will keep this brief post to more weighty matters.

Giant plank in next door garden turned into tent wittily created from cardboard box plus neighbour planted extra trees so OK there. However neighbour towards sea has built night club, in enormous box with revolving neon sign. Dreadful!

Have responded by buying up surrounding land as if no tomorrow. Planted trees and purchased assorted tea houses which in due course will illustrate here in loving detail. With extra land (and land means prims) have been able to exercise antelopes and animated rabbits freely.
However had to put down herd of antelopes in order to use enormous flying creature that hatched from free egg found at same place where bought antelope (see 3rd photo). With both antelope and rabbits turns out can clone them infinitely so a few culled is neither here nor there.

All this means that am spending less on clothes, which suppose is good thing. Although picked up v. good cheap yukata (light summer kimono) whilst shopping for tatami mats (Harumi and I are wearing them in 2nd photo. The yukata that is. Whilst standing on tatami mats.).

Final pic shows Citril on my duck-ride (i.e. duck that you are supposed to put in water but oh-so-amusingly have placed it 23ft above ground so is like fairground ride as moves backwards and forwards.) Citril dropped in whilst was preparing office for discussion which Maggie Kohime was leading today. Citril is now journalist for new SL freezine, namely Freelife http://www.freelifemagazine.com/

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Anonymous said...

I do so like the way my skirts flow whilst riding the duck!

By the way, the magazine is still looking for journalists ... hint ... hint!!!!

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