Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Presentation, pirates

Hours SL down today: 4 (bad); Presentations attended: 1 (good)

SL down for maintenance today so had to content self with browsing SL fashion sites on the web and bookmarking for future use. Actually not v. much in future as when it came back online headed straight for shops and snapped up a coat, a jacket, a freebie necklace and 2 outfits in black and white which go with my new house.

Ishbel had told me there was a presentation at 10 pm UK time on information literacy, so headed over to Cybrary City, wearing yesterday's new purchase, a poncho with flowers, together with trousers from the Cossack suit and one of the tops from todays outfits. I say this as there were rather a lot of slides which took a while to come into focus.

Therefore I spent some time looking at other people's clothes and shoes, pondering on my new purchases, and trying on different glasses. There is a more sensible post about this talk on my information literacy blog at
Everything was recorded etc. so can peruse at my leisure.

Ishbel was in pirate outfit (see first picture): it appears to be international pirate day.

After chatting to her, buttonholed Abby Zenith and gave her notecard about next CILR discussion. She offered Friendship and I accepted. After that, home, and a quick trip in the swan boat which ended unfortunately with boat disappearing into thin air once it hit someone else's water. This was just after had been greeted by new neighbour who also offered Friendship. Am I getting too many Friends?? I had just told her how restful swanboating was. Oh well.

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