Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Princeton, visitor

Visitors's to Cove: 1 (good); Concerts attended: 1 (good)
Heard from Ishbel who agreed to come over for a little so I could show her some features of new home e.g. sky house. Whilst talking to her, fell off it. Rather long way to ground. One rather obvious drawback to sky houses.

After this should have packed up SL for night but had been in middle of exploring some prefab houses on another sim when Ishbel called, so returned there and one thing led to another.

Managed to resist sofa in form of giant ginger cat with waving tail. Did buy cheap swimsuit as only freebies so far have been rather skimy bikinis and reluctant to invest in beach wear. Whilst trying to decide whether to buy a railway (not, at present, I think) got IM about opening of Princeton University sim, with concert from AldoManutio Abruzzo.

Despite lateness of hour teleported in. To begin with was grey lumpy problem that occurs when many avatars gather on one sim. Misleadingly, one often seems to look OK to oneself.

However, things settled downand could enjoy music. In particular was haunting to listen to music whilst watching pulsating sculpture outside (see pic). Is v. useful that can zoom in and out of buildings with camera.
After concert looked round art installations and dropped itno Princeton shop where has usual selection of t-shirts, leather jackets and baseball caps.
On another note have become increasinly concerned that have a newbie walk. Have bought Walk animation and now just have to work out how to use it.

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