Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Errant animals

Rabbits escaping: 1 (bad); No. of rabbits found in pond: 1 (good, unexpectedly); No. of antelope in office: 1 (good)

Got new idea for water feature, namely underwater animals. Had left rabbit animating to itself on new house at top of hill. When returned next day, bunny no longer there. Expected that would find it in Lost and Found inventory (together with the 3 giant birds that had tried to rez in Abo Akademi without success. Evidently was same problem I had ie lack of prim space, so when freed up the birds presumably whooshed into life and then whooshed into Lost and Found. Must have been pretty startling for someone when the things actually appeared.)

Anyway, went down hill to admire pool and lo! the rabbit was hopping about at the bottom, quite content under water. As pool quite deep the rabbit couldn't get out and after teasing it for a bit decided that was where it could stay. Tried putting antelope in as well but that just lay on side looking reproachful so TOOK it (or more precisely tried to TAKE it and TOOK the water it was in instead and had to manoeuvre same back into position and then felt less compunction about putting it out of its misery i.e. DELETE).

Also seen here is a picture of me playing with animated creatures in office. Mitsy the cat was not impressed. Left antelope there with Mitsy but in end am having to tell it to stay immobile as when set antelope to WANDER it inevitably ends up scrabbling in a corner and then off the land altogether.

Have visions of wild rabbits, antelope and chocabos running free in the new island. Rabbits don't exactly run, in fact, more hobble in circles. Except Pool Rabbit must have run down that hill.

Had late night visit from Citril and Ishbel which was nice, though with all those seats we still ended up chatting standing outside the house, as you do.

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Anonymous said...

lol! I do like the animals! I can tell that you are a real animal lover though I must look for that shot on Flickr by Bruaich1 on the dead deer in a loch!! Looked exactly like your antelope!

Your home is looking awesome ... what a lot of work you've done in such a short time - a real inspiration! Thank you, as always, for your hospitality! We were enjoyin the ambiance of the garden too much to go inside!

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