Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I cultivate my garden, visitors, plank, block

Hours spent on new land: too many (bad); Visitors: 2 (good); Housewarming gifts: 2 (good); Free outfits shared: 15 (good); Neighbouring houses turning into giant planks: 1 (bad); Days blocked from buying Linden$: 1 (bad)

Have realised that am not SL explorer, but SL home body, since I seem just to create nests, buy clothes and have occasional forays to conference venues. Meanwhile others are exploring virtual Rome, Amsterdam etc.

Anyway, have now even larger Japanese tea garden with multiple water features, various viewing and meditation points and 12 named goldfish. Also bought animated antelope and picked up free Chokabo, but that's another story.

Have encouraged Sabine Littlething into SL, and here she is with me in the hot tub. Also showed her office and shared some of the freebie garments that I picked up at the NMC conference venue. They turn out to be good stuff, though too many wedding dresses. I also show myself and Miss Gibbs trying some of them on.

Citril gave me v. nice Japanese light and Ishbel a pretty musical windchime, and they are both incorporated into the garden ambience.

Only blight (apart from the fact that am behind with everything else in RL because of time spent in SL) is that attractive large Japanese house in neighbouring plot has suddenly turned into a giant square wooden plank. Presumably they are rebuilding. Hope they don't turn to brutalist architecture in reaction to my twee japonaisarie.

A blight with a silver lining (ie that havve less incentive to spend time in SL) is that credit card provider blocked payments last night because of some automatic trigger thing that detected all the micropayments as suspicious. (And I was just about to buy an animated rabbit!)

However still having problems - Citril mentioned trading limits although a cursory glance had indicated my limit was now 2, 500 US$ and certainly have not spent anywhere near that amount, even with current extravagence.


Sabine Little said...

:o) I guess you now face a conundrum regarding initials - every time I read SL anywhere (referring to Second Life), I feel personally addressed :o)) Thanks for all the clothes - my virtual wardrobe is now bigger than my RL maternity one :o)

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

And what's more the SL clothes fit even if you change your body shape!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Sabine ... feel free to IM me if you want a hand getting a new shape, skin, hair, clothes, etc for free!! I kind of make it part of my mission to get newbies looking less like newbies ... then you don't get 'preyed' upon so much! lol

Sheila - now that youare Premium, you can get online immediate billing support - I 'spoke' to a very nice lass the other day who clarified a few things for me!

Sabine Little said...

Thanks Citril :o) I'll no doubt be around more once I'm on maternity leave, enjoying a less encumbered life :o)

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