Friday, 21 September 2007

Discussion on search and shopping

Meetings in CILR office = 1 (good)

Realise with embarrassment that after Centre for Information Literacy Research discussion in SL on Tuesday, about Useful information sources and strategies for learning about how & where to shop:
1) Uploaded chat transcript to dinky Leeds met application
2) Updated notecards in office
3) Changed hover script of next meeting to 25 September
4) IMed the IL Group and Academic Avatars group with info on location of transcript
5) Tidied up pics of session
but failed to blog it. Oops. V. bad.

Anyway, after anxious start when thought no-one but me and Ishbel would be there (see 2nd pic) some more people turned up including repeat visitors. Had given "everyday information seeking" spin to talk, so feared that had put of fashionistas whilst serious folks would think shopping beneath them.

Anyhow, interesting talk ensued, exploring inadequacies of SL search once more. Talked about some "work round" strategies, and also how people used blogs and other web sources - on the whole more than asking advice of other people. Ended with sharing thoughts on challenges of shopping esp. for slightly scarey things like skins.

Transcript is at

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