Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Mitsy and I discuss information literacy

No. of discussions scheduled on information literacy: 1 (good); No. of people arriving for discussion: 0 (bad); No. of objects bought in aftermath of non-discussion to cheer self up: 17 (bad)

Today was scheduled to be discussion of information literacy in different disciplines. Made usual preparations:
- Created informative noteboard;
- Created large poster which invited people to click to get noteboard;
- Arranged October meetings for future IL discussions and created noteboard;
- Updated "Forthcoming meetings" notices with noteboard;
- Created large poster reminding people that meeting started 30 mins later than originally scheduled;
- Rearranged chairs;
- Removed antelope to make more room;
- Bought festive pumpkins and arranged decoratively.
Also bought new black forest gateau from Divivity but decided that cinnamon buns would still do as not many people saw them at last meeting.

Was in bit of rush immediately before meeting. Had come from committee of which am new member. This is university-level body which has uber-role for approving documentation for new programmes and is called the Programmes Sub-Committee. As can be imagined is v. exciting and requires ability to comment on whether e.g. information supplied section 21 on Form R is compliant with requirements, and congruent with statements in section 18 on the Programme Specification. Was recommended for this committee, so don't know what says about self. Still, shows that do not spend entire time choosing necklaces and hot tubs in SL.
Anyway, rushed back, went inworld and was relieved to see no-one had arrived yet. Did final adjustments to chairs, recentred Mitsy (Set Cat Range Very Small). And waited.
At start time (08.30 SL time) became rather anxious. All that could be heard was Mitsy's yowling, the rattle of the wind chime and the seagull's mournful cry. Ate cinnamon bun to calm self.

By 08.50 had decided that no-one was coming except me and Mitsy the cat. Was in some ways a relief after long day (also deputised for Head of Dept in welcoming postgrads to Dept and chatted to people at Welcome Lunch). Have consoled self that is v.v.v. bad time of year for UK librarians, namely intro (freshers') week, or, in some unis, week 1.

One of discussion questions was " As you can see this issue is interesting to me! Do you think it is worth having a conference in SL about this topic? It could have posters and notecards about IL classes/initiatives in particular disciplines, perhaps some breakout/feedback sessions to discuss issues to do with specific disciplines. It might also be possible to attract people who are interested in researching information behaviour (information seeking etc.) in particular disciplines, and faculty in different disciplines who are in SL. I was thinking about something in 2008."
On face of it, plain answer to this is "no" since people could not even be bothered to turn up to short discussion. However am reluctant to believe this so will still float idea.
After tidying office, decide to console self with spending spree. Found nice shop where photographed self with book-reading pillow & bought that plus other items which will describe in next post, and also decided to buy stuff to put on ocean floor. Found v. cheap rocks, free weed and also 10 goldfish for 50 Linden.
Have done sensible post with list of some resouces on information literacy & disciplines here.

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