Tuesday, 25 September 2007

More stuff

No of hot tubs in inventory: 4 (bad); No of swings or hammocks owned: 4 (bad); No. of unused houses in inventory: 2 (I think; bad)

Have been keeping fairly quiet about new and profligate purchase of land in different sim to Japanese garden. Discovered beachside cove in new area, became v. excited and next thing had gone up another land level. Have decided that SL is major hobby and therefore OK. Not sure if this holds water.

Anyway, much enjoyment in landscaping grounds, planting etc etc. Will feature different parts in future posts.

Result of current shopping spree was yet another hot tub, this one with 14 (!!) poses integrated into structure including Reading, Daydreaming etc. One prob with hot tubs is no. of couple poses (e.g. Cuddle M and Cuddle F to name more innocuous ones), which sometimes entirely dominate Pose Count & would be unsuitable for planned Hot Tub Break Out room on island for students.

Made artful underwater garden and put up new swing, which (unlike hammock it replaced) does not actually swing but is v. pretty nevertheless.

Finally in search for Large Boulders (for Island rather than own land) came across whole Japanese skyhouse for 500 Linden. Prim count is v. large but at present have prim capacity so purchased and zoomed it into air. Main idea this this was also for future Island, but once it was in air decided it was v. cute and enabled one to say hello sky hello clouds.
Includes hot tub, meditation pad, wind chime, Tori gate, 2 small rooms and lots of rocks and steam.
Will definitely not leave it there permanently as for one thing spoils view from big house at back of land. However in short term is yet another busy feature and potential hot tub.

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