Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Cats again

No. of days with no SL access: 8 (bad); No. of PAGES of emails received from SL Educators list whilst away with sick relative: 15 (v. bad); Fragments of virtual cat discovered underwater: many (v.v.bad)
Have been away suffering SL deprivation. Realise that am addicted, but have decided to embrace SL addiction in positive and welcoming spirit so celebrated by buying land, houses etc. of which more in future posts.

However will start this post with next episode in Odd Creatures saga. Overshot CILR office and plunged into neighbouring sea on return, and whilst admiring Art's underwater gardening (plants and I think fish) noticed strange small round object that when clicked had Sheila Yoshikawa as owner.
As got closer realised round object had catty eyes and nose and indeed was possibly emitted mewing sound. Yes, it was a fragment of Mitsy and when walked further from land saw that were numerous dismembered Mitsys floating about in manner than can only be described as Spooky.

Evidently when she escapes from the office she falls to her doom in the sea.
Deleted some of them but not all as decided that Harumi and Ishbel might find sight curious and interesting. Not in ghoulish way at all, naturally.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! That's awful!!!! Poor Misty!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Yes, it was rather alarming

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