Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Gardens, Castles, Roses

No. of castles built by neighbours whilst away: 2 (bad and good); Rose pathways installed: 1 (good); Enquiries from neighbours: 1 (bad)

When returned was amazed to find immense castle on plot that would have completed last square of Japanese garden. Someone else's castle, obviously. V. bad, however at least castle is not as offensive to eye as some of the concrete barns around. Lot of neighbouring land also bought up by another group who have put in castle (in background of first pic), formal garden and large tree so actually OK. Only blight is that one of these neighbours sent IM in which asked why my houses are up in the air and why I had the red (no entry) lines up.

Answer to "why are houses up in air" question is of course "why not?" Also red lines bit seems pretty self evident however do not wish to feud with neighbours so attempted to give pleasant reply.

Have been fine adding a few embellishments to garden so prim count creeps up again. However has not yet got to antelope removal stage (have 4 antelopes positioned in park-like effect but removing them restores 60 prims at a stroke).

In particular created pathway out of rambling roses from Tori gate to airbourne house. Originally roses (from the Heart garden centre) were had the Phantom box ticked so that you cou walk through them. Unticked this so it makes a solid path which is quite cute IMHO. I am standing on it in 2nd photo.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I haven't been over in ages! It looks beautiful!

I know what you mean about castles!!! And why not have red lines up? I do too!

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