Saturday, 11 August 2007

You start to worry when...

1. Browsing for clothes in RL you think "that would look good on me in Second Life"

2. Shopping in Marks & Spencers, you have the urge to right click on a dress and select BUY

3. You have to remind yourself that in RL putting that dress in your shopping cart is not going to cost you $400 Linden dollars, but rather £50 i.e. $25,000 Linden dollars

4. You suddenly realise that you have probably spent $25,000 Linden dollars on stuff in SL in only 2 months. Mostly on clothes.
Like those in the picture. Isn't the outfit cute? And the crochet top was so cheap! Only $50 Linden. I think it tones really nicely with the skirt (and so on, and so on)


Anonymous said...

That is priceless! I also start to worry when :

I look at friends in the distance in RL and think I can fly over to them

I think my plants should instantly appear as fully grown when I plant a seed

I find myself wondering what RL people around me would look like in SL!!!!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Yes, Citril, those are true too!

I caught myself considering buying a bangle in RL that I wouldn't have before entering SL, on Sunday. But in the end I decided it really would look better on my avatar ...

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