Thursday, 2 August 2007

Freebies 2

Helicopters found in gift bag: 1 (v.good); Fireplaces found in gift bag: 1 (OK); Friendship bears found in gift bag: 1 (v. useful); Fig trees found in gift bag: 1 (v.good) (and so it goes on)

Main part of this entry will highlight some of the more unusual gifts found in a SL educator's gift bag. First, however, will mention 1st pic which features dress free from Vicious (SL nightclub) exhibition stand at Blogher. The photo was taken in quaintly picturesque Amacitia.

It is worn with burgandy mesh jacket from another suit, and a recent purchase, namely smart briefcase. Latter is of course completely and utterly pointless since all items actually carried in Inventory, but decided that makes the short skirt look businesslike rather than come-hither. In this photo that endeavour undermined somewhat by glimpse of stocking top, so have now removed those leaving only more sedate footless tights.

So on to the mega-freebie giftbag that picked up at the CHSS Instructor Resource Center. Was evidently given out at SL Best practices in Education conference and am seen standing next to it in 2nd pic. There is also some more free stuff including copies of the Jack and Jill boxes that have clothes etc. of use to newbies. As am bona fide educator and intend educating in SL feel that legitimate in picking up bag, through truth to tell has no. of things v. useful to others e.g.
White marble fireplace with flickering fire
Fig tree
Assortment of shirts and trousers
Large picture of Shakespeare with embedded sonnet (every home should have one)
Lots of things the use of which have not yet worked out

Most immediately exciting was working helicopter . Got in and zoom off we go at rather alarming rate in that controls work (perhaps) in helicopter like way and am hopeless at straightening up. Before know it am lost in vast horizon and takes while to spot Home and set course back.

So now have helicopter in inventory. Cool.

BTW you will notice broadness and emptyness of horizon. This is because lively Imagination Island which was next door has DIASAPPEARED. Was puzzled abou this until read Art Fossett's blog in which he complains about noise and disruption and had put in request to LL to get Eduserv Island moved somewhere quieter. If only RL were that simple.

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