Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Earthtones sale

Bracelet sets bought: 1 (good); Money saved in sale: lots (good); Necklaces bought: 4 (bad, but in a good way)

Earthtones is favourite jewellry store, so must mention that there is sale on, lots of items lined up outside store with 50% off. Had gone there to pick up necklace to match new clothes that had made (will save that for later post) and discovered sale.

Of course this is invitation to consume madly so clicked happily until inventory weighed down with 2 Maya necklace/ earring sets, matching bracelets for one Maya necklace, multicoloured crescent necklace & more modest jewel pendant with changing colour stones. Wheee!

First pic shows me wearing one of Maya necklaces with granny shrug plus dress from ICING. Second pic shows me in Boho wooden necklace unfortunately not in sale, had bought this on previous visit. Am also wearing earrings in both pictures but earrings mostly waste of money with my new hair since it covers them up. Earthtones sale is on til 23rd August, http://earthtonesboutique.blogspot.com/ coordinates in SL Bushido Bay (76, 236, 24).

PS am not being given any free stuff for this advert.

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