Sunday, 12 August 2007

Alarming event

Virtual cat corpses discovered: 1 (bad); Virtual live cats discovered in inventory: 1 (good)

Made alarming discovery when walking round under office by Art's secret cave, namely what appeared to be Mitsy on her side stiff and motionless.

She had evidently fallen out of office and used up all 9 lives in one go. As can see from second pic her eyes had strange glazed look, but to be honest she always looks like that. Stared at her for a while and appeared to discern movement so took her into inventory, moved to office and them placed her on floor. However she remained inert.

Panic over when discovered have another copy of Mitsy in inventory and when place HER she scurries around in normal random and wilful fashion. Phew!

Live Mitsy has scant respect for motionless twin, pushing her around just like she does everything else.
Took twin back into inventory. Seems disrespectful just to DELETE her.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sheila! What a fright for you! At least Misty looks more realistic than my moggy, who has a distinctly shiny look to him and gets lost is I teleport!

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