Thursday, 2 August 2007

Preparing to launch

Colleagues guided into SL: 1 (good); Bears created: 1 (good); Photo panel prepared: 1 (good); New hair ornaments purchased: 6 (bad); Wedding dresses bought: 1 (v. bad); No. of times disappeared completely in limbo: 1 (v. v. bad)

Frantic preparations in train for launch of Centre for Information Literacy Research at 5.30 SL time (1.30 pm UK time). The location of CILR office is
i.e. Eduserv Island 200 240 43 - so feel free to come along and join the jollifications.

AF should be there to receive thanks, also several colleagues promise to be inworld and IH & CH. Have Modified virtual teddy bear found in gianormous gift pack so now is different colour and with cute ears (IMHO). Anyway, will reveal all at opening. Also have found script for getting photos to cycle through in a frame so have loaded that with pics of me & 2 colleagues. V. arty I think.

Have put up loads of balloons, apologised to AF for excess prims, prepared extra food and drink, updated notecards.... so hope is not disaster e.g. completely mistaking time. Have last minute dither about what to wear to launch and made v. bad purchase of what is actually wedding dress and although v. lovely is not v. suitable in particular because so huge & fluffy scarcely any room for other avatars in office. Current choice is therefore butterfly dress.

Worst experience of evening was when shopping and suddenly found self in inky limbo (see first pic.) unable to move and then UNABLE TO SEE SELF at all. Was as though avatar completely vanished, not at all what you want when about to have major professional event, so was v. relieved when self reappeared after logging out and back in. 2nd photo show self in short skirted outfit that have decided not to wear to launch.

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