Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Fixing things; Visit; Fashion

Guided visits: 1 (good); Items fixed in Centre for Information Literacy Research Office: 2 (good, but could do better); Outfits bought: 1 (unless you count the leggings and shrugs in which case it's about 20)

After orgy of SL activity leading up to CILR office launch have tried to spend less time in SL and more in catching up with RL work backlog plus enjoying fact that this seems to be week in which North of England has its summer.

Was some essential SL work, namely fixing copyable bear that noone could copy and suggestions box in which noone could leave suggestions. Main prob. was issue of Permissions which appear complex and not entirely satisfactory even when know what you are doing, to judge by various posting and tutorials found.

In terms of bear have enabled people to Buy it for zero Linden Dollars which appears to work. In terms of box, have replaced Potlatch Box with simple 1 prim box in which people can drop notecards if members of Information Literacy Group. Aim is to collect suggestions on future events in Centre and MK has already suggested 2 ideas, hurrah.

Do not point out in box's instructions that can obviously join IL Group briefly in order to drop suggestion and then unjoin from IL Group once suggestion dropped. Hopefully people with constructive suggestions will work this out and spammers won't. Suppose it is rule of Life that if anything will be other way round i.e. people wanting to cause trouble will do so.

Other big SL activity since last writing was visit to meeting space ( of Australian educators, with guided tour from Jokay Wollongong and Sean McDunnough. Jokay and Sean have excellent Second Life in Education wiki at AF was there too, always nice to have someone you know turn up at these events. Was amusing incident with broom in hairdressing salon, also whilst everyone sitting professionally in conference forum think outsider intruded to perform dance on stage and fart but everyone ignored politely and continued listening to Sean talking about educational approaches. Believe this behaviour called Griefing.
Event useful for learning movement and conversation skills as well as learning about education. Shown various info boards, conference hall & also sim of hairdressing salon for use by hairdressing students to learn communication skills etc. (see second photo) There are some more pics of this event by Jokay on flickr e.g. this one (that's me with the blue hair and long black skirt)
Finally could not get through last days without usual shopping excursions have found good place to buy leggings and shrugs, staples in any wardrobe, from Frustrated Inc. Discovered this place through Closet Crisis, v. good blog at
Last photos shows self in consumption mode.

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