Monday, 27 August 2007

Plaque, strawberry plant

Strawberry plants removed (good): 1; Plaques mounted: 1 (good)

Dashed into SL to remove errant strawberry plant leaf from tea house seat, and found could kill 2 birds with one stone. Had assumed it was strawberry plant next to teahouse window. Moved this back and forth but to no effect.
By manipulating camera discovered was in fact rogue strawberry plant growing UNDER teahouse, left over from earlier planting before moved house into place.
So happily TOOK plant and thus freed up 2 prims which enabled positioning of plaque on side of house. Also when rotating plaque typed in degrees to be rotated (i.e. 90) rather than using free rotate thingie, which I can never turn accurately & most of my rotated things end up at slightly odd angles with a corner stuck inside the wall. Here is a pic of me in the house with the plaque outside, plus one of Citril on a visit earlier today.
You will see have returned to pink kimono mode in honour of teahouse.


DrJoolz said...

wow this looks so interesting Sheila.
I am going to be following your progress avidly!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Thank you.
It is great except it soooo addictive.
Do come & join (said the addict)! There is plenty of green tea and champagne in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Come join us, drjoolz! You'll be amazed at how it takes over!

I saw a rather gorgeous red kimono earlier today and nearly got it for you!

Can't believe you used up all your prims already!!

Meant to ask - how did you make your welcome plaque?

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

I made the plaque by pasting a phot from SL into a powerpoint slide, adding the text and SAVING AS a jpg, then Uploading that to SL as a texture, creating an oblong thin thing from a cube and using it as a texture.

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