Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Freebies: 1

Freebie hats tried on: 4 (good); Freebie suits: 3 (good: except I can't find what I did with one of them); Freebie T-shirts: 2 (OK, if you like t-shirts)

During the BlogHer conference did tour of associated exhibition. Intriguing assortment of stands e.g. makeovers, charities, water features (!), fashion.

Have already published pic of me with free bunch of flowers, though what couldn't see in pic. was that had some advertising text hanging over it thus rendering it useless as ornament or gift.

Anyway, have always been interested in exhibition freebiews. In RL was instigator of the Inform Golden Daffodil Award for the best freebie at the Online Exhibition (n.b. this is true).

At the time was Editor of Inform (now defunct newsletter of the now defunct Institute of Information Scientists). First award was plastic daffodil sprayed gold, won by the Datastar clickers if I recall, and for a few fleeting years it became quite a cult thing for the online content producers to try and win it.

Also have cultivated technique for gliding round exhibition swiping freebies when exhibitors are otherwise occupied. However in RL these freebies generally consist of mousemats, pens, flimsy cotton bags and useless novelty items with with logos on.
In contrast at SL at BlogHer exhibition they consisted of entire trouser suits and giant picture hats. In fact suits were not completely free, but cost of $10 Linden equates to 2 pence which I think amounts to same thing.

In these pictures I have mostly chosen to model the hats, free from Ohio State University. In fact when took them assumed that because they were called suffragist hats were going to have suffragette mottos on. However they just seem to be large hats as possibly worn by suffragettes.

If ever attend a wedding or race meeting, they will be just the thing. (Although, what with Emily Davison and all perhaps should forget about race meetings) In fact, could wear one to official opening of Centre, would certainly be talking point.

The second picture is of one of the suits swiped for $10 Linden from Gidge Uriza's stand. As she was also the generous person who gave me $500 Linden at the disco she merits a special mention and indeed a link:

Other freebies included BlogHer t-shirts. However, as in RL, don't find short sleeved t-shirts that flattering, so doubt whether they will get much of an outing. Oh also got: free tiara (courtesy of Queen of Spain blog); and whilst having a look round exhibition at night when thought all would be clear was waylaid by VB of Vicious nightclub who tried to lure self to his stand with offers of free clothes. Will include pics of booty from there in next post, which will also mention the most gianormous gift bag ever (we are talking HELICOPTERS....]

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