Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Launch, addenda

Balloons removed after launch: 12 (sad); Emails about launch from colleagues: 1 (good)

This brief post to catch up with more pics from launch. First one from flickr collection of Pete Johnston, reproduced with kind permission, as they say. All his pics (linked from last post) are good, but this is nice in showing view of whole office with people in and celebration balloons.

IH has also put up some pics, including one which displays her dress nicely and a good one of me.
Finally here are two photos taken half an hour before launch. At that point was having last minute panic about which necklace to wear and making sure that cat in place and all food and drink in order. Photos show, however, that not all guests alive with anticipation.

In first pic see guest so excited that has slumped asleep over coffee in corner (at least cat Mitsy has stayed awake).

In 2nd pic see another guest so relaxed has climbed onto coffee maker and zizzed off. Had slight hysterics when this happened, indeed colleague phoned up at this point in RL and found was almost unable to speak, fortunately colleague knows of SL obsession and was tolerant.

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