Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Preparation, unreadiness

Days since last blogged: 23 (v.v. bad); Papers being presented at SLEDcc in 2 days time: 1 (good); Amount of preparation for paper: zero (bad); No of papers presented in other RL countries since last blogged: 3 (good) (well, I hope so)

Having been whizzing round world in RL (not exaggeration in fact since have been in 3 countries and 2 continents in last 3 week, though that does include the UK as a country which is perhaps cheating). Also in SL have been demolishing and building, shopping, attending discussions, chairing discusions and so forth. Actually have really done rather a lot so perhaps is no surprise that this blog has been languishing neglected. However, have to confess that in that time have done 2 (or is it 3) fashion blog posts in the blog Perhaps should feel guilty about that.

Anyway, one of these fashion posts was of the outfit that intend to wear whilst presenting paper at SLEDcc (see pic of me pretending to practice speaking). Outfit will need to be good as at present is all that I have prepared for people to look at during 50 mins am scheduled to present. Am not in a parallel session either, so as far as SL conference attendees are concerned it's me or --- all the other things they could be doing in SL or RL so will probably attract modest audience and be OK.
Have never given a presentation with Voice and ppt in front of large audience before in SL. Thus, although have given oodles of talks in RL to audiences of various sizes and persuasions, and led oodles of discussion in SL, am starting to feel odd twinge of what might be described as Nerves.
2nd pic is arty shot which may symbolise feelings after gibbering at audience (I mean "sharing experience and engaging with audience to stimulate debate and reflection", ahem) for just under an hour. If you are registered at SL SLEDcc and wish to watch my humiliation, the time is Friday 5th at 1pm SL time and the theme is: Using first and second life to develop inquiry skills in the freshman year at a UK university: a happy blend? To save your breathless anticipation, will be saying "yes, a happy blend indeed".
Conference wiki is at

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