Saturday, 6 September 2008

Mills on Panoramas

Panoramas viewed on slides: many (good); Panoramas entered: 1 (good); Panoramas created: 0 (must do better)

Have evidently not managed to cram all notes about SLEDcc into two posts, so will continue with this brief one plus one more. In fact recollected actually having MADE some notes about Graham Mills' talk on panoramas, but when opened draft post all that was in it was:

However this is v. useful in itself. Graham showed us various types of panorama and talked about what they might be used for. Pic is from his talk, obviously. His blog is at . So far have followed up by downloading Photoshop plugin that may - or may possibly not - enable me to make a panorama on a sphere. Though am not sure what I'll do with it, yet. Perhaps should work that out first.

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