Thursday, 11 September 2008


Ludic lives lived: 1 (complex)

Had jotted down at end of draft of previous post something from the streamed RL talk by GlobalKids Bixby, Why Second Life Can't Tip: The Power and Perils of Living La Vida Ludic. Was listening to this whilst photoshopping pics from last talk if remember correctly and had noted "bring in full sense of self but with the ludic life", "The Ludic Life Continuum", "we [educators] are comfortable with this ludic life tension" and "Ludic luddites". Hmm. Think need to view stream again to expand on this.

[10 mins later] OK, no need to do that, have found Rik Riel's blog post summing talk up in 3 sentences. Why exercise own brain when another has done the work, eh? Rik says "Barry Joseph, director of the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids, delivered a rapid-fire, funny, and challenging talk on "Why Second Life Can't Tip: The Power and Perils of Living La Vida Ludic." His talk described how Second Life is part of a larger revolutionary trend toward the integration of "life" and "play" that he calls the "Ludic Life." His central thesis is that until the larger culture shifts toward appreciating the power of integrating play into all aspects of life, that Second Life can not truly "tip.""
Pic shows me being ludic at the social at the end of the first day.

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