Tuesday, 4 March 2008

ILU, Chairs

Have now put online the chatlog from the discussion on the Information Literate University held in Sakura House on Infolit iSchool on 26th Feb: it is at http://sleeds.org/chatlog/?c=236. Also put up stuff from notecard (plus diagram that had mounted on a poster, see 2nd pic) at http://dis.shef.ac.uk/sheila/ILU-SL.pdf

As can be seen in 1st photo, was nice number of people, not so few as to feel embarrassing or so many as to render chat chaotic. However, as always when went through chatlog noticed conversation that had passed me by at the time, most mortifying. In particular someone who asked 2/3rds of way through what exactly an ILU was, and the rest of us just chuntered on and the person who had asked didn't say anything else during the discussion. Argh. Feel guilty about lack of improvement in discussion-leading skills.

You will note from chatlog that 2 people commented favourably on chairs in Sakura House. Comfort of chairs mentioned by one person but not sure how to interpret this.

Should have followed up to discover whether was lack of poses in chairs that found favour.

Incidently, chair in question is the Nice Brown Chair by Sudane Erato (see 3rd pic), costing 100 Linden and comprising 4 prims. Suppose could make similar for free, but this chair does job nicely and since can modify and copy has seemed well worth the 100 Linden. Can be obtained at Cosy Cove (218, 162, 2)

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