Friday, 7 March 2008


Gowns bought: 3 (good); No. of events where can wear gowns: 0 (bad)
Have bought some extravagent gowns recently, namely:
1) Blue shimmery gown from Evie's Closet (shown right and centre). There is marginal justification for this since intend to use it for Babylon 5 role play (Centauri Society Woman). Or perhaps that doesn't actually count as an excuse?
2) Black gown bought in sale of Annah Couture for only 100 Linden. Was not sure about this at first as seemed a bit transparent, but fine with glitch pants from another dress underneath and skirt is very frothy. Has definite princess feel to it.
3) Purple dress from Digit Darkes, which snapped up as soon as it hit the feeds, and shown here worn with purple wooly cardi. Although as not as prim-heavy as their tulle skirts, skirt still clocks in at 61 prims.

Sad thing is that any would be ideal to go swirling about at dances (like one attended tonight, see pic), or showing off at conferences, but such is their prim count that this would simply be deemed anti social. Is strange paradox. Plus, have noticed increasing sad tendency of people to wear same stuff as in RL at conferences. What is the point if cannot swoosh about in pixelated costumes unfeasible in RL (I ask).

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