Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Testy; Time zones; in the Black Library; LILAC

Researchers taken for balloon ride: 1 (good); Discussions facilitated in the Black Library: 1 (good); Conference houses complete with appropriate foliage created: 1 (good); Conference t-shirts created: 2 (v. good); Conference bags created: 1 (good)

Had mentioned already (I think) that had encountered researcher about to do investigation into use of information in SL, namely Testy. Arranged to meet Testy on day after Virtual Worlds conference. Was almost disaster, since Linden Labs once more showed that SL is really in the USA since I arrived inworld to find I was an hour late. Apparently SL had jumped forward an hour because that was what happened in the USA. Had this been announced on the SL blog? No.

Anyway, once we met up had interesting talk about information in SL, information behaviour, avatar identity, Voice vs Chat and so forth. Asked Testy to lead discussion later on in year and she said yes, hurrah. Mostly had conversation relaxing in bean bag chairs, but then took balloon tour.

Next day I had volunteered to facilitate the "Lessons in SL" educators discussion. This takes place in the Black Library in Hyperborea every Monday, and the usual host (Buridan Simon) was at a conference, and I had volunteered to cover. You can see me in pic with witty sign over head. Wished to keep up his tradition of having no pre-set topic, which is even scarier than facilitating the normal discussions, but seemed to go OK with about usual numbers. A few familiar faces e.g. Ladyjane, came along, which was nice. Topics covered included learning spaces, HTML on a prim and environmental exhibits. People flicked in and out, but that tends to happen, also found self drawing things to close just before an hour was up as a sort of reflex action, whereas in fact these sessions normally last 90 mins. However was OK again and in fact discussing this sparked some more conversation.

Over next past of days have been preoccupied with preparation for sessions at RL conference on information literacy, LILAC, next week. Ishbel, Maggie and I had been preparing to do a session together, and I decided to have a special conference house with lilac round it (new line at Mau and Mej) on the island. In fact the sequence of events was actually that I saw that House of Effulgence had a really lovely new house (only 300 Linden including a package of furniture!) and was hunting round for excuse to buy it. Then I thought of the excuse.

Have been preparing a conference bag, and also a library landmarks box. Last pic shows me at Amsterdam Public Library on free bicycle you can get there, in front of cool display of downloadable music.

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