Sunday, 16 March 2008

Resources list for the SL session at the LILAC conference

Ribble, P. (2008) Guide to SL basics.

Kay, J and Fitzgerald, S. (2008) Second Life in Education (wiki with useful information for educators and students, and information on the authors’ own projects – they are Australian educators)

Kemp, J (Ed) (2008) Second Life Education Wiki: SimTeach
There are further resources linked from these e.g. at

Kirriemuir, J. (2007 & 2008) Snapshot reports of UK universities’ activities in Second Life. and photos at

SLED events: a calendar for Second Life events for educators

Second Life Library blog
Beth’s Second Life (one of the pioneer educators, who leaches literature)
Adventures of Yoshikawa (Sheila Yoshikawa/ Webber’s blog)
Artsplace SL (Andy Powell of Eduserv)

Discussion lists
Secondlife (UK discussion list)
Second Life Educators List (SLED). (Very high volume discussion list, but is an invaluable resource) Various groups on Facebook including Second Life Librarians

Infolit iSchool
Metaverse TV. (2008) Out and about: interview with Sheila Yoshikawa.

Draxtordespres. (2007) Alliance Library System Second Life.
Rikomatic. (2006) Tour of info island.
Rowanfair (2007) SL Libraries - Info Insland Archipelago Tour.
Sirexkat. (2007) Murdoch Uni Library gets a Second Life.
srharris19 (2008) Avatars: what should I be today. (mostly pictures of librarians and information professionals)

Crkeesey. (2007) Ohio University Second Life Campus
Holymeatballs (2008) NY1 on Global Kids in Second Life Jan, 2008. (TV news report on the “Global kids” initiative on the teen grid of SL)
MaryAnnCLT (2007) Educational uses of Second Life.
Perplexity Peccable. (2007) Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life.
Secondhealth (2007) Second Health: Polyclinic Tour.
SLmerryman. (2008) English Village in Second Life.
TessaLCooper (2007) The Nutrition Game: A Day of Food Choices

Robbie Dingo (2007) Watch the World(s).
SLSilver (2006) Second Life: Get One

SL TV stations
Second Life Cable Network
Metaverse TV

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The blog of Sheila Yoshikawa on her adventures in Second Life. This may be very thrilling. Or possibly not.