Friday, 7 March 2008

Land, Land, Sales

Amount of land sold: 4048 m (v. good); Amount off land bought: 2048 (v. good); Amount of land to sell: approx 6000 (bad)

Am selling up in Cove (one with lots of water and beach) and consolidating in my first sim (one with various houses, grassy slopes AND beach). Above pic shows how the Cove plots look now they are bought by others. Pic ONE shows state of one of the plots 2 days ago, and pic TWO shows it yesterday when all buildings had been removed. However a few rocks have now appeared back. Buildings and land are volatile things in SL, but I sort of like it.
House shown in middle is on plot which was bought by someone for immediate resale at slightly higher price (not yet sold, tee hee). Bottom left see some more new purchasers, I imagine exclaiming what an excellent deal they got. Background is also rather bleak since nice neighbour (Van Johin) also sold up. He is shown in separate pic conversing with me before he left. Must now put up rest for sale but is all very ennervating, though exciting when you see the Linden clicking into your inventory and the odd bit of foliage winging its way into Lost & Found, indicating that the land has been sold.
In bottom right of main pic you see me celebrating since the next door neighbour who put up the brick warehouse & complained about my trees has put up his land for sale. Hurrah! Of course, whoever buys it might put in worse than a brick warehouse, but will keep my fingers crossed. Land that have bought is from another nice neighbour and is prime stuff directly overlooking ocean, so now have long stretch of beach with lagoon and infinite sea view.

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