Saturday, 29 March 2008

Cherry blossom, Daffodils

Japanese sims visited: 2 (good); Cherry trees planted: 12 (approx) (v. good); Kimono bought: 1 (good, or is it)

Is start of cherry blossom in Japan, so have gone into blossom overdrive on Infolit iSchool. As well as trees from Heart garden centre have also discovered ones by 2 Japanese designers, one with drifting blossom, and both also cheap which is always advantage even though currently have oodles of Linden due to land sales. Am shown in first pic with sign have just erected outside Sakura House explaining that Sakura means cherry (blossom).

Also seemed good time to invest in yet more kimono and visit Japanese sims. Am thus shown in 2nd pic in new kimono on the machinima lot in Tennoz Isle pretending to be character in Ozu film, though hair flower is a bit flighty for that. Am currently not sure whether kimono is TOO colourful, it looked nice on the vendor.

Was checking for links to blog, on Technorati, and saw that had been linked & 2 pics on flickr used by someone else, namely the First daffodils blog. So amongst their photos of RL daffodils in various parts of the world are mine in SL. Think this is quite cool.

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i-Spring said...

For your reader's enjoyment, here you are in the First Daffodils blog from around the world, RL and SL. We were quite excited to see daffodils make their appearance in SL.

The blog of Sheila Yoshikawa on her adventures in Second Life. This may be very thrilling. Or possibly not.