Sunday, 9 March 2008

Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education, Museums conference: verdict

Conferences attended in SL: 1 (good)
Some overall thoughts about the Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education, Museums conference that took place in Second Life on 8 March 2008, in the NMC conference Centre.

Firstly, it felt like a real conference.It was well organised and ran smoothly, which I know must have taken oodles of volunteers' time.

Secondly, as you can gather from my blog posts, I definitely learnt something from the conference. I also got to meet a few people I had been meaning to get in touch with, and bumped into some people I know - again just like a RL conference.

Third, again as in RL, I think there was a bit too much PowerPoint. A wider range of events would be nice, and I appreciated the discussion sessions. Not that I would want to avoid "transmissive" sessions altogether - I got some good information.

Fourth, the NMC conference centre is cool, and in a good way, not in the sense of too much air conditioning! I'd like to enjoy a conference centre like it RL, but you'd really need the ability to teleport, too, between the locations ;-)

Fifth, the timing was obviously much more geared to US time. I have suggested that they involve people from other time zones if they run the event again. It was frustrating to miss interesting-looking events taking place at 3 and 4 in the morning. However. I still felt it was worth the 8000 Linden I paid to attend ;-))

Sixth, the conference coffee was good (i.e. made by me in my own cafetierre)

Well, after these rather pedestrian conference posts I will return to the normal Yoshikawa style ;-)

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