Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Brick wall

Brusque IMs received from new neighbour: 2 (bad); Huge brick warehouses erected next door: 1 (v.v. bad); Elven bands as neighbours: 1 (good, I hope)

Came into work yesterday to 2 emails redirected from SL from new neighbour. Both demanded that I move trees from neighbour's house & 2nd message all in CAPITALS indicating some strong feeling I presume. In due course go inworld and discover that said neighbour has purchased land next to seaside house and covered entire plot with windowless brick barn (see pic). Am not sure this qualifies as "house", however shift trees so leaves no longer encroach through walls, though frankly such is bleakness of barn that would think would be grateful for sign of life.
As can see in 2nd pic now have total brick wall view from some windows of house, though obviously is neighbour's inalienable right to do what dreadful things he likes with own land.
Fortunately rest of land on that side has been bought by Elven band, who (as one might hope) seem inclined to grass, trees and Elven dwellings. Hope will maintain pleasant relations with them since fear that Brick neighbour is unlikely to be someone that want to invite round for afternoon tea.


DrJoolz said...

maybe you can make them a cake and take it round to try and make friends?

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

This plan may be scuppered as the brick barn is still entirely without any furniture inside, so would have nowhere to put cake or balance tacups. I have a feeling I might be more popular if I go round with a bottle of Jack Daniels (as available free on the Infolit iSchool island, 3 sips and you fall over drunk) but perhaps I'm just building up needless prejudice

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