Wednesday, 5 March 2008

One for Dr Joolz

Graffiti walls photographed: 1 (good); Grunge building bought: 1 (good); Freebie incense stick bought: 1(good)

On eternal quest for new bangles and necklaces discovered yet another Japanese sim. To some extent had all usual suspects, but also a few new, and as ever interesting to wander round builds. This was place selling urban buildings and various other bits and pieces including free incense sticks. Also had this wall of graffiti which reminded me of excellent blog of colleague Dr Joolz. Is interesting question whether graffiti will have been created by creator of building or whether is photo of someone else's graffiti.

When got back to Infolit iSchool, put grunge building next to Nigl's tiki, will have to see whether he notices.
Realise have not mentioned actual purchase of bangles (1 set) and necklace (pretty with blue stone and key), above, but you can just take it as read that some purchasing of adornment takes place whether mentioned or not.

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DrJoolz said...

Ah thank you for this post!! The graffiti looks like a photo to me - in fact looks like the detail from a larger piece, but maybe not.

Purchasing and adornment are also right up my street of course and its nice to know you can indulge both in RL and SL.

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