Sunday, 9 March 2008


Anime character outfits bought: 1 (good); No. of minutes spent posing avatar when dressed anime character: 20 (worrying); B5 characters created: 1 (good); B5 parties attended: 1 (good)
Have invested in a Haruhi Suzumiya outfit including Haruhi hair. Thus could be mistaken for this hit anime series' lead (a schoolgirl with unfeasibly short skirt), except have stuck to blue hair and am taller and fatter than RL Huruhi. Or I suppose isn't *RL* Haruhi actually. Is Haruhi in anime actually any more real than my SL homage to Haruhi? What can I substitute for the term "RL" in this context?

These are deep philosophical questions so will pass swiftly on to second creation.

This is a Centauri Woman a la Babylon 5, a natural for SL since they are bald, sometimes with ponytails and sometimes not. Have not yet worked out when the ponytail applies. In any case the Samurai hairdo from Mej & Mau's will do the trick and is more flattering with. Am also wearing Evie's Closet gown bought for this purpose plus a circlet from Alienbear Gupte over a headband improvised by me.

Tried this outfit for first time tonight at B5 party, on Babylon 5. Joined in the energetic dancing. Were some highly cool arrangements with iconic B5 moments recorded over trancey music. Think that was subject of friendly advances during dance. Was slightly baffled by apparent assumption that if didn't list Partner in profile was bound to be on lookout for someone to fill the Partner gap. Think this is first time have had anything approaching a Hit upon my person, must be the Centauri getup. Did abysmally in B5 trivia game, evidently need to spend more time poring over B5 scriptbooks.

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