Sunday, 6 April 2008


Days without access to SL: 4 (bad); Talks given about SL: 1 (good); Homeless guys met in SL: 1 (dubious)

Am having restricted access to SL whilst away, except whilst giving demo to students at Strathclyde Uni in Glasgow where used to teach before moved to Sheffield. Seemed to go quite well and if students thought it creepy then kept it to selves. Afterwards when continuing demo to Strathclyde colleagues encountered someone claiming to be homeless in RL and SL. Not sure about this. If is really homeless and is e.g. using SL from local public library is heartening story. But homeless not exactly real concept in SL since home not essential since don't need to eat, sleep, bathe etc and can change clothes anywhere.

Anyway, have used some time to put together pics of SL tourism. So, first is compilation of pics from wander round Japanese sim. Have been there couple of times, and in first visit peeked with camera inside what appeared to be real SL geisha house with geisha avatars dancing, serving saki etc. to client. Pic shows me peering through bars on door to house. Also have shots in Machinima studio lot on Tennoz Isle and cute bar where can earn Linden through Camping.

Second lot of photos are from tour on opening day of Al Andalus Alhambra sim, where were live concerts etc. I am one in pink dress and blue cardigan. Decided not to include shots where people looked like lumpy grey clay because of no. of avatars in one sim.

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