Thursday, 22 November 2007


Interviews given: 1 (good); People dropping by: 3 (good); Offices created: 1 (good); No. of cool offers of unpaid work: 1 (good); Strangers observed editing appearance on skating rink: 1 (curious).

Have not mentioned that although island scarcely Picadilly Circus have been a few more people turning up. Was on island last Saturday being interviewed by Marilena whilst lounging by the pool and having nice chat generally. A business lecturer who has come along to a couple of meeting suddenly joined us which felt v. nice as like to feel that island is place where people might like to hang out.

Also Swiss librarian who came to discussion with report from Konstanz meeting dropped in beforehand to take balloon ride and say hello.

Realise haven't blogged that discussion here, but have done so on the Information Literacy blog. The pic here shows Tulle and Marky, after the discussion finished and is basically included so can see rather fine flower arrangement that is now a feature of the office.

Have finally made cubicle space for Ishbel in departmental building, since she is part of team with undergrads in SL. A couple of nights ago she visited it and fortunately liked the way had kitted it out (though as she has SL Skills, she may choose to personalise with her own stuff).

Lastly, after previous Babylon5 entry, was contacted by one of people who run the sim and asked if would like to help with marketing effort of the B5 Experience. Was v. surprised and flattered but also torn as
a) would be v. cool thing to do but

b) am already hiding behind vast piles of Unfinished Work in office and gazing glassy eyed at oodles of emails in inbox with all other zillion things I'm supposed to be doing.

In end said that would like to be part of Team but have to be realistic about time committed. This seemed to be OK so will have to see how it goes.

Is now taking me some time each day just to visit all places where have land/quarters. with personal land will note that number of office blocks have risen which is bit of shame. Also think only person to have bought a photo from shop is Ishbel.

Bought a v. nice Christmas tree though, so can contemplate that when feel stressed.

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