Saturday, 8 December 2007

Catching up (again)

Weeks since last blogged: 2 (bad); Anniversaries celebrated in RL : 1 (good)
Have been v. busy over last 2 weeks, too preoccupied to blog. Am reminded of when was teenager with v. quiet life and kept diary regularly with long entries reporting on weather, food consumed, whether X was still chums with Y, nature of homework etc. Would be excellent reading matter for insomniacs. However as soon as things started actually happening in Life then diary-writing stopped.

Anyhow will attempt summary of key events in series of entries. No, actually won't try that as it v. dull and would probably never catch up.

As a start, here is Harumi with the anniversary display that I made at Cove. Cake supplied slice on plate, though without eating animation.

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