Saturday, 17 November 2007

Fat, creepy

Talks given about Second Life: 1 (good); Number of expensive multicoloured shawls bought in RL because of all this talk in SL about "cosy woollens" and "fall colours": 1 (bad); Pounds added to weight when viewed on wide screen: 20 (v.v. bad).

Last week travelled in RL to Germany to give talk at info literacy conference. V. nice conference in Konstanz, lake views, fine chocolate, twisty old-fashioned streets, hearty stews etc. also could show off German language skills (though conf actually in English). Was mainly talking about activity in postgrad class but also spent 10 mins on SL with demo. ppt is here

In fact had not thought would have access so got v.v. excited when saw could go inworld. However excitement turned to horror as saw how enormous bum and all other portions of anatomy look on wide screen computer. Even stick-thin avatars must look plump. Not sure what is to be done except to start campaign against wide screens on grounds that will cause emotional stress to avatars.

Discussion after talk took emotional turn. Someone said that she found SL creepy and she did not seem to be only one. Not sure whether she realised that implied that *I* was creepy but at any event was somewhat unsettling. One question was how students could tell was my avatar and not some raging pervert out to lure innocents into debauched activities (I paraphrase). This has simple answer since had stood in class with students and said "Look, that's my avatar".

Sure that can't be creepy since:

1) Do healthy things like landscape gardening and shopping;
2) Do not wear skimpy clothing;
3) Am not creepy person.

Hmmmmmmm not sure that would convince jury.

Have included pics showing avatar looking slim and, I hope, not creepy, at the Baden-Baden-Wuerttemberg sim which includes a Universitity of Konstanz buidling and the appealing Literatur Cafe.

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