Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I am a sad nerd

Quarters rented in Babylon 5: 1 (good, bad) ; Favourite character in B5: Londo (bad, good, tragic)
So far in blog have not revealed that am fan of sci fi series Babylon 5, have DVDs of all episodes (seasons 1-5) plus am collecting script books. Enough said, as sad nerdiness is evident when say that have even sat through a couple of episodes comparing what is in scriptbook to what reached final cut.

When started in SL immediately signed up with B5 group but zero happened for many months except odd desultry IMs from people asking each other if anything was happening. However, now great leap forward, since B5 ("a port of call, a home away from home for diplomats, hustlers, entrepreneurs and wanderers ... two million, five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night ...") being recreated and what is more today was announced that could rent quarters! in B5 itself!
Teleported in (achievement in itself since today SL seems about to tip over) scuttled through the Zocalo* and down to Blue Sector, where found indeed 4 rooms, one already rented. One remaining was fitted out with rudimentary furniture and non-operational-Babcom** (see pic). Doors made dinging noise just like in series! Went and out several times to hear it. Whee! Became very over-excited and could not but click RENT thus committing L$400 to 2 weeks stay.

Installed laptop, glowing crystal (rather large for data crystal***, but still) and sake bottle since am intending to channel Londo Mollari****. Fear this does not fit with image of cool fashionista Yoshikawa, although Group owner also seemed well turned out. However, some things are more important than fashion. Perhaps could host B5 party in skating rink*****.

* The central meeting and trading area

**The system used to communicate in B5

***The memory sticks of B5

****Centauri Ambassador

*****Though I don't remember anyone in B5 ever skating

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Sheila. We hope you enjoy your stay at Babylon 5 and make yourself a home. But remember, no one on Babylon 5 is quite who he seems to be ^_^

Nivea Allen
B5 Experience Owner

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