Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Snow falling on island

Entries written in reflective learning diary: 3 (good); No. of snow covered trees planted: 3 (good); Amount of snow covering island hills: just right (good)

As part of action research element of the CILASS island project am now creating Personal Learning Portfolio as Evidence for final whatever of action research cycle. Only started it a few days ago, but already find that small amount of time that wasn't already spending in SL or blogging is now spent writing about it all in learning diary.

Anyway, realised that was writing about something that could go on this blog and repurposing is name of game. Topic was snow cover on island. As already mentioned on blog, intended to change Texture of top of mountains from scrubby green/brown to sparkling white and the L$10 snow textures purchased yesterday seemed right for job. However found on investigation that hadn't got actual texture (graphic) of scrubby brown/green in inventory. Various other scrubby brown or green textures but not that one. Most puzzling. Must have got it from somewhere. Problem was that if switched texture without having original in inventory, could never get back to that SPECIFIC scrubby brown/green and would have go hunting through texture shops to find replacement. Personally think texture shops v. dull not to mention hell to find way round with zillions of little texture squares rezzing v.v. slowly.

Should be said that all powerful owners like self determine 4 different textures to cover 4 different levels of terrain: in the island's case - 1) Rippling sand; 2) Slightly scrubby green; 3) Lush green; 4) Scrubby green/brown. Then owner sets lowest point for texture 2 to start and highest for texture 3 - or is it 4?? At any rate realised that solution was to set top level higher than actual land, so that texture 3 (which knew could get back to as snug in inventory, plus I even remember where I got it from) was on top of mountain, then turn THAT to snow.

Result! Pleasing wintery landscape with top of mountains enfolded in snow and slopes just dusted. Patted self on back and planted a few wintery trees. Heart Garden Centre had snow-covered but sadly lacking in bare-branched tree department, but hopefully will come up with something since otherwise will be winter on top of mountain and perpetual autumn below.

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